Wednesday, August 3, 2011

::the bubble party - the plan::

Ok.  Let's get serious folks.  Even with this adorable little baby leach sucking all my extra energy (if he needs it he can have it) I need to get my groove on for Lily's September 10th birthday.  

We were going to have a science party this year for Lily, but after starting to figure things out I knew that was going to get too expensive.  So we settled on a bubble party.

Here's the plan - 

Here is a spot I am cutting corners this year.  Judge away but I just can't do everything this year.  I am going to buy Lily's invites off etsy this year.  I found these on etsy.  I like them, but I will keep looking too.  At $13 for all I can print they are super budget friendly.  

Link here for seller
Then the family and close friends will also get a 4/6 magnet collage of pictures of the princess.  

Her 8 year old photo shoot will have a bubble blowing part of it so the pictures will go well with the invite and theme. 

Make a foam maker out of sponge and bottles
Hire balloon animal guy from Lebanon
Make bubble wands (bubble windows, pipe cleaners, giant wands)
Table covered with wands and different bubble tools
Face painting
Kids pool with hula hoop for kid sized bubbles
Bubble wrap popping station
Bubble painting
Pencil eraser stamping

Fill bucket with foam using egg beaters
Pop the balloon
Balloon replay
Look up more games
(Block off the playground)

Tall rainbow cake - two levels?? Each level 5 layers tall??
He doesn't really "go" but I love him. 
On the round table under the Sukah
Cool straws and drink table
Cupcakes with polka dot wrappers and big pearl sprinkles
Cake balls
Jelly beans

Treat Bags:
Bucket with ribbon covered handle
Bubble wrap to pop at home
Bubbles with custom label
Laminated giant bubble recipe card
Bag full of wands made
Homemade circle crayons (or balls)

I have found some really good resource sites:
Amy threw a wonderful bubble party for her daughter.  
Beth also threw a great party for her little people.  
One Charming Party did an amazing bubble party. 

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  1. Super excited to see how it all turns out! You're so crafty! I'm going to have to come to you for some advice on the Big mans first Birthday Bash!! :) Miss you!!



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