Thursday, August 4, 2011

::bubble invite::

I usually put a TON of time (ok Josh - and money) into making the kids birthday invitation.  It is a labor of love.  Just like making their cakes, I feel like that extra touch shows that I adore them.  It doesn't.  I know that, but lets not loose track of the fact that I am not totally sane.  In any way.  This year I am pregnant again and I am struggling with motivation - so I decided to go with some of the talented artist on etsy.  There are numerous listings on etsy for printable invites.  You pay different sums, usually under $20 and then you can print as mony copies as you want of the customized invite or decorations that the artist makes you.   

 I kind of liked this one, but it wasn't exactly right.    

This one was close too, but still not it.

I liked this one too.

Then I found this one and I was IN LOVE.  It's just right.  We will mount these on a background of bubble wrap and pass them out at school.  They are simple enough to not be overwhelming but still visually interesting.  I am supper excited.  The artist is wonderful!  Super professional, very happy to customize, and offers many matching printable items.  Prices are great too - the invites are going to run me $15 for the art.  I will spend a little more with her because I just have to have some of the other printables she makes.  But most of the food labels will just be on different color vellum circles.  
What do you think?  Are these the right ones? 

(Side note - I LOVE BIRD CRAFTS printables and party supplies, but she told me she was just to slammed this year to do a custom party.  I can understand that, so I have had to search for a new person to do printables.  I still miss my BIRD.)


  1. So excited to see your party planning again.

  2. I like the first and third one. You should ask Lily which one she likes best. The party sounds like it is going to be so much fun!



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