Wednesday, August 17, 2011

::how are my melons?::

 Like finding Easter eggs - I am going on daily melon hunts.
(Insert your favorite joke about my melons here - Josh always does.)

But the three sisters garden is nothing but a hot mess.  Terrible.  A weedy overgrown mess.  I am actually planning on just mowing it over.  I picked out a few corns for the chickens but the rest is just trash.  Bummer.  I am going to work on this again next year but I call it a waste this year.  

 My pretty little small watermelons came up so cute in my front garden.  And they tasted amazing.  Till some one else got the memo about how yummy the are...

 And ate ALL of them.  Guess who it was?
These things.  Who will now stay locked up till fall.  

They also developed a taste for my cucumbers.  Which I don't really care about since I don't like them that much anyway.  But eating the watermelons really ticked me off.  

We are still getting TONS of melons.  Look at these pretty babies.  Delish.  We eat at least one a day right now.  (And I give the rinds and scraps to the chickens - in their coop.)


  1. Dang it!!!!!!

    I have my one hour glucose test this morning and I can't eat anything before it.

    Melons are my FAVORITE. I should not have looked!!!!

  2. Your melons are absolutely fantastic ;)So jealous right now. I want fantastic melons too...

  3. Nice melons Brookie! We have been loving some cantaloupe from the farmers' market. We have several watermelons in our garden, but they aren't ripe yet.



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