Wednesday, August 24, 2011

::new party plan - drive in movie::

 After along talk with Josh from my party budget and funding department I had to make some major changes to Lily's party.  My total budget is going to be $150 and not a drop more.  That sort of funds is not going to work for the bubble party.  So after throwing a mini fit - followed with looking at the calender and realizing Disney World and unpaid maternity leave were coming up - I came up with a new party plan.  

A Drive In Movie

I will gather up boxes from the hospitals (for free)
The kids will arrive at 6pm.  They will spend about 1/2 hour making these boxes into cars.  I will already have them started with wheels, lights and the tops cut.  The kids will add stickers, decorations, etc.  I will also have little snack baskets strapped to the side.  
Then I will have a concession stand set up.  When the kids get there they will get a little paper wallet with some coins in it.  The kids can buy popcorn, sodas, and little candy bars.  I will then play a movie on a sheet posted against the house.  Just something like a collection of Mickey Mouse cartoons.  I am borrowing the projector from my brother inlaw.  
After about 45 mins or so of cartoons we will stop and do cake and presents.  (Which I really want to make it a no presents party.)  Then I have one little craft for them.   They ink their hands and place prints on a star.  Then they sign their names.  Just like in Hollywood. 
     Box's - Free
     Car decore - $30
     Candy/food - 40-50
     Craft = $10
That puts me WAY under budget.  I can't WAIT!!!!!  Here are some of my inspiration images.

Image from here



  1. How fun! Is there a big enough box for me?!?! PS we have a prjector if you needed to borrow it too! XOXO Becca

    PS don't know why blogger is not letting me post under my name BOO!

  2. Awesome! Cool idea and under budget..way to go!

  3. You always come up with the greatest ideas. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the party.

  4. So fun. Oh the memories your kids are gonna have of these great parties you throw. A true legacy!



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