Thursday, August 18, 2011

::sukkah progess::

This project has been on semi hold.
This has been a peaceful pregnancy but it still has taken all my extra energy, which means that the side projects just get ignored.  But Josh spent an entire day digging out the floor of the Sukkah.  We have decided to go with brick pavers but that means a level base.  (Damn weeding - but it is finally cool  outside today so I think I am going to at least weed the cottage garden)

 He had lots of help. 

But with a day of digging and a load of stone it is getting somewhere.  Now were to put that load of average soil?  It's not good enough for my gardens - so what do I do with it?  We'll find a spot.  That's one of the glories of 16 acres. 

I have been online looking for inspiration images and have found zero.

Ideas - 
Brick pavers but in a really bizarre pattern
Round table for at least 6 - custom make out of treated wood, attach to stump
Dog proof chairs - which means no cushions and not wood (they seriously ATE an entire   out door set once)
Baby grapes are started on the corners - eventually wires and bracing on the top to hold them Sprinkle lights on the edges

I don't think this area need to be crazy over done.  It speaks for itself. 


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