Monday, August 1, 2011

::back to it::

Here's a quick up to date:

I had an OB appointment of Friday.  They couldn't find the heart beat and we both just started flipping out.  Finally that kid showed up.  Perfectly fine, just hiding.  Josh looked at me and said, "This is the last time we do this."  I was 100% with him.  But we all know how I hold to that sort of thing.

We sold almost all of our goats.  Cut it down to that little princess Nelly and Bob/Ernie.  I almost sold Bob/Ernie but I was afraid they would end up at the butchers and I just can't deal with that.  I gave up and decided that I love them.  Stop fighting it.  So from 9-3 goats.  But then I got an offer I couldn't refuse.  My friend/mentor from the goat world offered me twins and their grandma for the price of one.  We pick them up today.  Girl boy twins and an old mama.  She gave the mama to us with a promise that we would not breed her.  I'll post more about them next week but I can't wait for them.

My house is a hot mess.  Clutter every where.  Most organization system have been dropped.  Pregnancy always seems to take away my edge.  That piece of me that is super hyper and in overdrive gets eaten by the baby.  And I don't care.  I will get it all put back together eventually.  I may set a room a day goal till I do the whole house and then get myself back on a chore schedule.   

LILY"S BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP.  September 10th is the party.  If you know were I live you are invited.  I am in major panic over this.  I haven't bought thing one.  I do have a plan, but it disorganized.  That is something I am focused on.  First chance I get I am putting that all together.

The new job.  It's OK.  Boring.  Kind of lonely.  Then I started getting canceled from NICU and sent to the ER and it all changed.  The ER is FUN, dynamic, intense, exciting, unpredictable.  Basically it is exactly what I wanted.  I am back in love with being a nurse.  But I m training in the ER, so I make almost twice the money when I staff the NICU.  A perfect situation would be to train 1-2 days a week and staff NICU 1-2 days a week.  I want to get that worked out.  I will do more about all this too eventually.

The garden.  Lots of it died.  But then the rain came and saved some.  The green beans totally dried up.  We may still salvage some but it's mostly gone.  The tomatoes went CRAZY, but then I let my chickens out and they took care of that.  I couldn't help it.  It was so hot and they were really looking very sickly, so I let them loose.  Now they are fat a sassy and super happy.  But I don't have one single cucumber left.  They eat every one.  I don't like cucumbers any way.  Getting pregnant but the garden on half boil too.  But the melons are going insane (my person ones and the ones in the garden).    All the squashes are out of hand.  The endememe needs harvested today.  And the higher up tomatoes are still stunning.  


  1. welcome back! just stay cool and be your good momma self, the garden can wait ;) xoxo

  2. Hi my friend. I am sorry to hear that you had to cut down on the goats, hope to see pictures soon of the "family".
    I am glad to hear that the pregnancy is going well even though your energy ain't there. I am sure it will come back in time for everything.
    The birthday party is sure to be a success even without all the normal planning. I know you can do it and I am sure the kids will enjoy any party you make.
    So good to hear that you are enjoying your job again. It is so important. I have been buying some books on teaching here in Norway to update myself a little till when I move home again and can start teaching again.
    The garden has had the ground work done and next year is yet another time to try to get everything to work. Enjoy the crop that survived and remember to take good brakes in all your work.



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