Thursday, August 11, 2011

::job update::

Now this is a navy uniform, I would rock this!!
Its ok.  It's not bad.  But its still kind of boring.  I hate the private room environment.  You spend entirely too much time alone.  But I guess that also keeps me out of gossip and other such silliness.  I just miss sitting with a friend for both of you to feed slow bottle feeders, talking about lots of things.  I cornered a student nurse for 45 minutes the other day and pretty much forced her to talk to me.  

I have signed up for a primary.  A social work train wreck that should be hanging out for a while.  Cute little thing.  I can't wait to pass her to her mother for the first time today.  What a buzz.  

I am still not being sent to the ED.  NICU is too busy.  When they need me they are SUPER possessive of me, but they drop me like a hot potato (and at the last possible second) when they don't.  I'm just glad I will be working.  If I actually get my hours today (why am I writing this?  I have to take a shower!!!) and my 6 hours tomorrow this will be my second full pay check week since I got off orientation.  Not super reassuring.  But with summer, it has been fun to not be working a ton.  If I can get at least 24 hours a week I am breaking even.  It's just with Disney coming up in October I really need to be doing better than breaking even.  I hope to sneak in a little over time once the kids start school.  (Max is MONDAY and Lily is next Friday.)

Now - here is the big problem. When I hired on I hired on to a contract.  It ends at the end of August.  This is a way for them to try you out, make sure that you show up to work, etc.  If you follow the rules and are agreeable they hire you as a full hospital employee.  You are still unbenefited, which is fine.  I talked to them on the phone yesterday.  They said they were going to hire me.  THE BIG QUESTION:
All of NICU knows but resource is in another location.  They have no idea.  (Side note - this is my third job I started pregnant.  Odd.)  I have always found honesty to be the best policy.  I want to tell her after she shows me the job offers for my permanent job.  I know I don't have to tell her, but I think not telling is being deceitful.  We are a profession of women.  We have babies.  It's not a big deal.  What are your thoughts?

Now I seriously have 25 mins to shower.  I really hope I don't forget to brush my teeth. 

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  1. I love you. I just love how your mind works & how you write. If only you could tap into my mind & put it on paper :)

    Just tell them. It's not a big deal. When they make you the offer, then tell them. If you feel they are surprised or taken aback, let them know you had a previous loss & were hesitant about this pregnancy. Then the balls in your court! LOL Play the card.



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