Thursday, March 25, 2010

::silverware windchime::

I not sure were this idea came from or I would give it credit.  I think I saw something like this at a junk shop store in Pendleton, but I’m not sure.  None the less I had gone to Goodwill last fall and gathered up the parts for it, only to sit it in a bag and forget about it.  This great craft push reminded me about it so Lily and I pulled the stuff down and got to work.  
All we did was take my hole punch tool and cut holes in some of the sides of the cake pan.  Then we ran wire thru it and added the beads and silverware.  We could have done even more beads to make it more colorful, but I like the way it turned out.
In retrospect I would have wired up all the silverware first and then added it to the cake pan last.  I think I could have got it to balance better that way.  
Pan = $0.99
Silverware 25 cents X 8 =$2 
We used the beads and wire from our our ::suncatcher:: craft.  
Total: =$3


  1. love. it. this would totally be a find in some artsy craftsy fair. i'm serious brooke, you need to find your money maker craft and get started on your etsy selling. i'll be your first customer, and you know i'm good for that. :)

  2. Great idea! I'll have to start collecting silverware I think :)

    Just popped over from Today's Creative Blog...



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