Thursday, March 18, 2010

::leprechaun traps::

Here is the trap!  Carefully set and designed by Lily.  The leprechaun goes in, grabs the sucker, and springs the trap.  She was really trying hard to over engineer it (a trait from her dad) and to find every possible angle why it might not work (that one is from me).  I finally said, "Lily, we just have to risk it and give it a shot."  She found that to be wisdom and finally went to sleep. 

I got this idea from theIdeaRoom

Here is Max working on his leprechaun pot.  You have to have your pots or what will the leprechaun fill?  He was so happy that I was letting him use the markers - "MARKIES!"

Set and ready.

5:45 AM.  I know this isn't a great picture but it is honest.  It is actual the best of the four I took.  

This is the candy that the leprechaun left before he escaped our trap.  He didn't want to leave too much because he knows that unhealthy eating is too easy already.

These are our supplies that we used.  

     Pots $1.29 X 3 = $3.87
     We had all the rest of it
       (See the colored masking tape?  This has been a very good art supply to have around.)


  1. How fun that your daughter took it so seriously! I love that each child has their own pot. Mine have to share one! I might have to look into having them each decorate their own next year! Great idea!

  2. This is just what we needed - *before* the big day! Will copy for next year! Our Leprechaun just used our bathroom and forgot to flush his green pee - grrr boys! ;-) My kids set out gold things in the chicken coop (why, I don't know) hoping to see him!
    I always love all the projects you manage to pull off with your cute kids!



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