Friday, March 26, 2010

::pinecone playdate::

Tessa loved the ponies!

Today I hosted a little farm play date for some my friends from work kids.  I was excited to show them all the animals and to see those little faces!  But the March weather did not agree!  It was only about 49 degrees, but those little ones toughed it out long enough to see the creatures.

They made peanut bird seed pine-cones.  It was really cute.

Layton was very serious about the knives and birdseed.  

Then they came inside for some snacks.

Tessa (Brianna), Max, Lily, Layton (Shelly, and Gavin (Erica).  Colby (Erica) was there too!

Layton met my otter!

One of the prettiest little girls!

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