Tuesday, March 9, 2010

::making a children's book::

One of the books that we have always loved to read is a clever book of opposites called "Yummy and Yucky", it motivated me to make a book with Lily.  I did the entire project via iPhoto, on my Mac, and it was as easy as it could be.  The program is so simple that all you do is tell it you want to make a book, pick the style, and then just drag and drop the photo's you want to use.  You can edit each page to add the number of pictures that you want. 

Once you have the book made on your computer you just hit the "buy book" button, pay Apple,  and it shows up in the mail two weeks later.  

Lily and I carefully went through our photo's and picked a few that would work well in contrast to each other.  Most of them were spontaneous shots that ended up working out together, but if we had a situation that we wanted to put in the book but didn't have the right pictures we would have a little photo shoot and set it up.  

This was such a fun project.  I made a book of all our Disney trips from 2003-2007, but I would love to make more of these.  Maybe each kid gets one every year.  Like a year in review.  Any idea's on other ways to use them?     

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  1. I am laughing at Lily's facial expressions! I love that "Mommy's car is fun, Daddy's car is boring." I can't quit laughing!



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