Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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A Mommy and Lily book review

A classic book.  He looses his button he finds his button, he finds a home.  You get the drift.  A cute read.

"I don't like how it ends, its not that funny or fun.  The bear is very cute when he is with the girl."

Really one of the best children's authors ever.  This book is clever and reads like a Bare Naked Ladies song.   It is so fun to read.  He is just terrible at being a monster, but he learns to be a good friend.  How have we not named an animal Leonardo yet?

"The part where he was a terrible monster wasn't at the end of the book, because he became a good friend."

"Leonardo" by Lily age 4

I read this as a kid.  I loved how he went from being a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots.  I also did love a bad little white terrier dog.  

"When he went in to play with the other dogs he got so dirty.  It was very cute when he found his brush."

Horse showing with my old dog Maclay
I was 18 at the time.


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  2. I'm cracking up at those pants! The crotch in them is like a mile long!!!

  3. Dear shelly - do I need to pull out your butt crack picture to show low rise gone wrong. (But yes - they were rather high rise.) That picture was taken in the later winter of 1997



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