Wednesday, March 24, 2010

::Max's first haircut::

still curly after the cut

I have been holding out on trimming the curls.  When they first started growing in I thought it was a fluke, they were just baby curls and they would go away.  Then as they got more and more luscious I began to get a little protective of them.  Those blonde curls are mine and if I trim them they will dissapear and no one will ever believe me that he "had curly hair as a baby."  

Granted my kids don't grow a lot of hair as little guys, too busy growing huge brains thank you very much, but he is two years old and I needed to trim off the dead baby hair.  So we pulled out Josh's clippers.  I put on a 1 inch guard and got to work.  I turned out ok.  

I wish I hadn't cut it.  I miss all that hair, but it will grow back healthier.  It's not a hard guess to figure out that this sort of "high and tight" hair cut is not going to be his normal haircut for as long as I am the boss of his hair (till he is 35).  I day dream of a surfer like do - that is messy and curly and hangs down in his eyes.  One of the pro's about the new cut is that the mohawk if much easier to get done now. 

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  1. Brooke this post is pricless. jason read it with me. his comment "she has REALLY great photography." my comment, "you make beautiful babies."



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