Friday, March 12, 2010

::chickie hospital::

Last night when we got home we had a farm emergency.  Lily had gone out to check the chicks and ducks (yes, we got little duckies too) before we left for Annie practice, when we got home we went to check them again.  Lily hadn't locked the door all the way, so Alberta had pushed it open at helped herself to all the dog food she could eat.  This happens on occasion but the bad part was that one chick was missing.  Lily was so upset.  I was torn - I wanted her to understand that when you have animals you have a responsibility  to keep them safe but my heart was breaking for my little six year old that was bawling in my arms saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."  I told her it was a mistake, and we can all make mistakes.  We talked about how to be more careful in the future.  Then we shut the tack room door and started to walk out of the barn.   THEN WE HEARD A SCREAMING CHICK DOWN THE AISLE WAY!!!  Our barn cat had taken one of the chicks and was cat-like torturing it to death (I'm not really into cats).  I think we got there just in time.  The chick has marks at the top of each wing and she was too cold, so we made her up a "chickie hospital room" and brought her inside.  I didn't think there was any chance she would live through the night but this morning she was walking around her little hospital room and so far is showing a full recovery.  Lily told me this morning that the chick has a 100% chance of living and a 1% chance of dying. I think we may have to work on percents a little.  

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  1. she's such a nurse in training. people or animals is the only question up in the air for now.



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