Saturday, March 20, 2010

::monster cakes::

Lily is usually such a girly girl but she wanted monsters for her 5th birthday.  I went to target and we found some monster stationary in the dollar area.  They were bright and their bodies were made of basic shapes which made them easy cakes to make.  

This one was made from one 9 inch cake round cut into his body shape.  I iced it yellow.  I used yellow twizlers for the arms and legs, white chocolate fangs, M&M eyes, and sugar cone horns.

This one is a 9 inch cake round with cut out from the top were I added the two cupcake eyes.  I iced it purple and decorated.  The eye lashes are black card stock paper.  The legs are just icing drawn on the backing.  They look much fancier than they are.

This guy is an oval cake pan with three cupcakes eyes added.  I used twizlers and M&M's to finish him off.    

This guy was my favorite.  He was a 12 inch square pan cut into shape.  His eye stems are two twizlers iced to match.  His arms and legs are just icing straight on the backing.  



  1. Goodness - I don't know which one is my favorite!! You did a fabulous job on these! Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! I greatly appreciate it!

  2. Hello Brookie! Just wanted to let you know I'll be featuring your cakes today! Stop by and grab a geatured button if you like! Thanks again for joining the Party!



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