Sunday, March 14, 2010

::clay toadstools::

Idea from familyfun magazine.

I have never worked with polymer clay before.  It really does need two full minutes of kneading before it isn't too hard to work.  Lily says those were the two most BORRRRRING minutes of her life.

We bought one small pack of red and one small pack of white.

After the kneading, divide the red clay into four sections and roll those sections into balls.  Flatten then out on the bottom to get that mushroom shape.  Rip off a section of the white clay and mold the bottom of the mushroom.  Use little tiny bits of white to make the spots.  Divide up the rest of the white into the stems and smooth them onto the heads.  Bake as directed.

   Clay   $1.29 X 2 = $2.58

   Took five minutes to make and 20 minutes to bake

::Schaefer doings::
Mackie ~ he makes us lay on the ground and he thinks he is pulling us around while we are actually pushing ourselves with our legs

Lily ~ has decided to do the science fair.  She and Josh came up with dropping different sized balls off the roof.  I have been informed that I am the photographer.

Emma ~ is in Florida with her mom

Brooke ~ my parsley is starting to grow, is 50 too many?

Josh ~ is quickly spending our tax check on getting this little place a new roof.

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