Tuesday, March 23, 2010

::ready for summer::

I am ready for summer!  Here are a few things we did last year that I hope we get to again.  

Riding horses and donkeys.
Look how happy Teddy is to have her patting him. 

Last summer we fostered a litter of 12 puppies.  I was getting that "I need a baby animal/person around here" feeling.  I decided I wanted to breed lab puppies but then I started feeling a little guilty about all the puppies in shelters.  So I got in touch with a rescue that was happy to work with us, Hearts for Dogs Rescue.  If anyone ever needs a rescue use them!  They were wonderful.
We went to animals control and got to pick our litter of puppies.  We picked 5 week old puppies that had been taken from a neglectful home.  There were so many we had to take them out in a shopping cart!  Lily thought we had won the lottery.  

They were skinny and full of worms and flea's.  But we nursed them along and they quickly got fat and sleek.  Max did a good job of socializing them.  

MORE ZOO!!!  Can't wait!  We tried to fake it during the winter, but the zoo just sucks in the winter.

My kids love that crazy trampoline.  They jump on it every day.  See the bucket to help them get up there?

Great photo op moments for me!

COUNTY FAIR!  I really do love 4-H and I can't wait to do fair again this year.  I really can't wait till Lily is old enough to do fair.  She might do the "Little Miss" contest this year.  Emma is going to do a bunch of projects this year!

Emma and Shealyn.  That little Shealyn didn't know anything about farm life till this year.  She is Josh's ex-wive's boyfriend's daughter (got that?) and I just love her.  She is brave and willing to learn.  I love working with her.  She and Emma split the animals to show at fair.  

Here they are lined up for the final judging.  First and second place!  On goats that I bred and they trained.  It was a proud day.

CAMPING!!!  We love camping.  We have a silly old fun boat that Josh keep together with duct tape.  It isn't fancy but it is fun.  We are trying to take it out at least once a week and to go camping at least twice a month.  

I am also joining a pool this year so that the kids can get lots of healthy exercise.  They love that kind of stuff.

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