Tuesday, March 30, 2010

::eggs to dye for::

When I was a kid we always bought the little kit and made up our little easter eggs.  I have been seeing several blogs talk about making dye so I went with that this year.  

We used one cup of hot water, one table spoon of white vinegar, and a TON of food coloring.  We used gel and liquid food coloring and the liquid worked lots better but you needs tons of it.  
The kids had a great time at it but max came out of the deal looking like he was "hulking out" with his green hands.

::schaefer doings::
josh - I made him clean out our storage unit today.  Who needs a storage unit when you have a huge barn? He had to move a pool table basically by himself
brooke - I am giving up caffeine for two week starting today.  Wish me luck.  I have been drinking a diet coke for breakfast every day since I was 11 years old.
emma - she has started tennis practice.  She'll be so cute in her little skirt!
lily - getting ready for Annie and running this place.  She spent time teaching the chickens how to stand on her finger today.
max - he got his first steps evaluation for his speech delays.  They said he is only about 10-15% delayed and that he does not qualify for services.  GOOD NEWS!

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