Saturday, March 27, 2010

::chicken coop - part one::

These are some happy flappers to be out of the little empty water tank they were living in.

I looked into all kinds of option for the chicken coop.  I was going to build a big fancy chicken tractor that we could more around the yard but my budget was too small.  I finally decided that it would work the best for us to turn one of the empty horse stalls into the coop.  The stall in just over 12/12 feet.  We wrapped every bit of it with chicken wire.  

We (I mean Josh) built 7 nest boxes that open into the aisle way so you can get out the eggs without going into the stall.  Next month we will build the opening in the wall for them to go outside into the closed in outdoor area.  

One less than excited husband was critical to building this thing.  I am the dreamer and he is behind keeping me under control and keeping me under budget.  Poor guy.

Pretty cute crew.

Lizzy climbed in the rabbit cage and the door shut behind her.  So I moved it the the end of the barn...

So then Max did the same thing.  Not to sure about that kid.  

Here are the finished nest box's.  Now they just need to start laying eggs.  The third one from the end had a present that Lily made as a surprise for the chickens.  It is a scrap piece of wood tied with pink string.  


  1. what your post doesn't say is how crazy madly hot Josh is for you. and your crazy ideas.

  2. Brooke, you are amazing. It's like you work 3 days a week and somehow dig up another 7 a week to do all these things! I can't believe how much you accomplish! You are the coolest.

  3. I just found your post while trying to figure out how to convert our own horse stalls into coops. :D
    Was wondering if you would mind sharing a few more pictures from the inside of your stall/coop? I'm such a
    visual person that seeing how others have done it seems to help. Can your chickens go outside of the stall/coop?
    Thank you. I know you don't know me from Adam, but so glad I found your post.




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