Monday, March 22, 2010

::gardening?? We'll see::

We have always had a tomato plant or two tucked into a flower bed some where but last year I tried out a new system of gardening called "Square Foot Gardening" (SFG).  It is designed to maximize your gardening area with four foot by four foot raised beds filled with the blend of soil that puts your plants into hyper drive.  With 16 acres why would I need this system?  I just liked the idea of little perfect gardening patches.  

Well I made up my squares and I mixed up my soil.  I carefully picked out my plants and nurtured them.  AND THEM THE GOATS GOT LOOSE ONE DAY AND WIPED THEM ALL OUT.  Some of it recovered enough to have some stuff, but nothing like the harvest I had in mind.  

So this year I am going to take what I learned and grow from it.  I am still going to use my three SFG beds but I am adding several other regular beds to the mix as well.  I am going from 48 square feet of gardening area to 314!  Is that a little over board?  Do you know me at all?  Of course it is.  They will all bed raised beds build in a U with a center raised bed.   We are going to put fencing around it to keep the goats/human kids/dogs out of the mix.  The paths in the garden are going to be weed mat and newspaper covered with straw.  The beds themselves will be scoops of the multi-animal compost that we always have plenty of and peat moss. 

Now for the plants.  I have a four page spread sheet that is directing me.  I will pass it on in a latter post, but I doubt anyone but me would really be that interested in reading it.  

Here is a list of the plants I am exploring this year:  
(Notice I said exploring?  I am giving myself some slack here.  I haven't really done this before and if everything doesn't work, than so be it.)
    Pumpkins of three kinds - large back pasture bed
    Corn - two types - large side pasture bed
    Watermelon - in same bed as corn
    Blueberry's - by the house
    Tomato's - three kinds
    White onions
    Green beans
    Soy beans
       Bunching onions
   Flowers: Starting as seedlings and adding to landscaping of house
      Black Eyes Susan
      Shasta Daisy
The whole outside of the garden fence will be lined with elf sunflowers.  

Anyone have any pointers they want to share?  I am trying to stay as organic as possible so help me out and teach me something cool!  Isn't there something about planting a fish with your tomato's?       


  1. I told Kel last night that all I wanted for my bday is a SF garden! keep your fingers crossed! we might be needing some of that compost

  2. I think I might start a company called "Formally Fecal Compost". Too Far?

    I would be happy to give away all the compost that you can use.

  3. Maybe I'll try a little miniature garden, just so see if I can do it. Maybe I'll also bum some of your Formally Fecal Compost. I love the pic of the little sprouts! I would be so excited if I could get something to grow, then bring it in and cook with it!

  4. love love love this post. everything about you is all over board, and that's what i love about you! happy gardening!



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