Thursday, March 18, 2010

::chicks and ducks for science::

According to Lily the ducks must be allowed to swim at least twice a day.  They are so cute, but I have been using a great deal of bleach on that sink!

Lily's hand is were they can jump up and rest if they need to.  I haven't actually seen them do that but she always ends up holding them one way or another.

We went to Tractor Supply last week and they has a new shipment of little tiny colorful chicks!  Josh let me get 6 more.  They are so TINY!

 Lily is "training" them to walk thru a maze that she made out of paper.

Here is her clip board were she tracks her results.  She figured out that they wouldn't try to get through the maze for food but if she held another chick at the end of the maze they would go toward that chick.  GENIUS!

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