Saturday, March 13, 2010


Have you ever asked yourself how many animals I am hiding from Josh on this farm?  Here is the low down.  Don't tell!

50 inch Registered POA
Age: 8
This is a picture from the day we got him

Shoots with his forelock growing back after I roached it off in the fall.
Emma is planning on showing him in 4H this year.  I am going to make him into a showmanship deluxe pony.  Hopefully.

16.2 hand Quarter Horse
Age:  OLD! 21ish
For the record Lily got on him by jumping off the side of the trampoline. 
Teddy is a bomb proof old man.  He is huge, but very kind and cute.  He is the one that anyone can ride.
Donkey - AKA "The Donk"
Miniature Sicilian Donkey
Age:  10
Josh says Donk has no purpose but I think this picture is proof that he does.

He loves the kids.  He just stands there and lets them crawl all over him.

I love those ears!


Female chocolate lab
Age: 6
Three days older than Lily

Love only a Lab can give
She is a very thick and solid English Lab.


Border Collie X Basset Hound
Age: 5
This picture is from the day we got him.
Huge basset knees and legs.  Lazy like a basset but herds like a border collie.  He is the alpha animal around here.

He takes a lot of crap

I think he is so handsome. 


Shitzu Maltese
Age: One
I love this little Valentines Day present. 

We bought her from a pet store.  DON'T TELL!  How terrible.  Worse, it was a great experience.  But I promise we will never do it again.  
She has the worst under bite you will ever see.

Snow wolf


Kiki and Xavier
Baby goats!!  They were about two weeks old here.

Pygmy goats
Currently they are both one year old.
Xavier is the one I almost gave mouth to mouth when he was born (on the right). 

Baby Xavier and Kiki being shown in 4-H
I LOVE 4H!!!
These two won like crazy.

Bob the Goat Dead Last (brown one)
Ernie (black one)
They are twin Nubian Dwarf's
About three years old
They were not last this year, so that is something.

One reason I love Bob the Goat

The punk rock chicks.
Bring on the eggs!

The ducklings.  SO CUTE!


Jersey Wooly 
Age: Two
Friendly and cute guy
I shave him every summer and he lets me

Action Figure
Fuzzy Lop
Age: 4ish
He is in a coma like state at all times.  Love this guy.



  1. I love this post. You pics are amazing and I almost forgot about a few animals you had!

  2. There is a barn cat too. Forgot about that.

  3. Love it! Your animals are so cute! Do you ever sing old mcdonald?? :)

  4. reason #928374 why your kids have the best life ever. i'll send you a crazed monkey to join them from japan.

  5. Can I please come live with you and all your animals? I'm so jealous right now, I would love to have all these pets, specially the donkey!



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