Monday, March 8, 2010

::chicks are here::

This morning I got Lily up and ready for school, I grabbed my phone as I was walking out the door and saw the notice that we had a two hour delay do to fog.  I knew just what we were going to do!  We loaded up and headed out.  We had a plan.  SO LUCKY for us we saw Emma on her way to us so she joined our party.  We went and got breakfast and made a plan.  IT WAS BUY OUR FIRST CHICKS DAY!  

I have been reading and researching chickens and we have been excitedly waiting for chicks to arrive at our local farm store.  We had were sitting outside the door at 7:59 and at 8:02, I made them wait those terrible extra 120 seconds just to make sure the store was really open, we were on our way straight to the chick tub.  The only sad part is they were out of ducks.  I was hoping to buy a duck or two "on impulse", but my mischief was halted.  They said they are getting more, so maybe I will be "impulsive" checking till I bring two home.  

We picked out our little cluckers and brought them home.  Max was a little afraid of them which was pretty funny.  We have them set up in a big box with a little rabbit bowl of food and water.  Wish us luck.  

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