Friday, July 2, 2010

::gulp... a wedding::

I got to shoot my first wedding, and it was my dream come true.  

I am very friendly with my neighbors and their 13 children.

I have done some work for them before and Amanda (the bride) asked me if I would shoot the girls getting ready and do some candid shots. 

We bartered babysitting for the deal.  I love bartering.  If I ever get eggs from my ladies I will barter them for everything possible.

Anyway, (FOCUS!) she had a professional photographer but just wanted my input as well.

I was flattered and nervous and excited and nervous and overwhelmed.

Weddings are a lot of pressure.  You don't get a Muligan if things go wrong.
But sweet Amanda is the opposite of a bridezilla, so I tried my best.

Here is a detail shot of the carriage she arrived in.

Her husband is a cowboy of sorts, and I loved the image of his saddle all laid out and ready.

You have to get dress detail shots - right?
Handmade by a family friend.
Glad to see I am not the only person who is totally in love with this family.

Location was borrowed from a church friend.  What a location!!!  

Her grandfather made the arbor and the sign they walked under at the end of the aisle.

They used mostly decorations that were on the farm.
It was the most beautiful budget friendly wedding I have every seen.

The bride and her sister, Andrea.  Andrea is the very pregnant one that I am raising the puppies with.
It makes me feel old to see Andrea all grown up.
I taught that fellow horse lover how to ride back in the day.  I love that kid.

The groom rode in on his horse.

Here is Andrea's husband and daughter.  See the box in front of them?  That is the puppies!  All five are still thriving.

I loved the center piece.  So cute but still budget friendly.  

Overall my first wedding was a great experience.  Lots of great images to capture.  They teach a local photo class on weddings that I think I might take.  And I have talked one of my girl friends into letting me shoot her wedding (as a backup and as a gift).  I want to do more weddings.  They are so joyful.   



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