Wednesday, July 14, 2010

::EGGS! and stupid roosters::

Lily wanted a picture of the goats and her egg.
Last night we got out first egg!! We had to throw it away because I am not sure how long it was sitting out there, but we got one!  Let the eggs begin!


I have four roosters!!!  FOUR!  I thought those four chickens were just a larger breed than the others.  I wanted to believe that these were hens.  But these big fat constantly crowing pains in the tuckase are ROOSTERS!!!  I paid extra at tractor supply to get all hens.  I thought that I might end up with a rooster or two.  Mistakes can happen, but out of 12 total chicks - one died - and FOUR are roosters.  Not a very good  sucsess rate.  If I did my job like that I would be fired.  (Ok - maybe saving babies is kind of a bigger deal that sexing newborn chicks.)  Thanks for letting me rant - I am over it.  

I am going to chase down the four boys and take them to be slaughtered.  Don't freak out!  The point of chickens is not to keep fluffy little pets.  They make eggs or they end up on the table.  Period.  That is farming, right?  But one of the white ones is kind of cute.  

No - they all go.  

They crow all day and night at full volume, they chase my hens all around, and they fight with each other.  They will only get more and more aggressive, till they start attacking myself and the kids.  I draw the line at butchering them myself.  I know a shop that will do it.  This is all towards my goal of being 50% self sufficient.  But - that one white one... 


  1. We have two, but so far they get along. Any issues and one will have to go! I barely hear mine crow, but I am a heavy sleeper.

  2. If you don't want to eat them all, I'll eat one! Roosters taste just like chicken.

  3. You crack me up!! Congrats on the egg -- how exciting!!! I'm so jealous. Mark won't let me keep chickens.... not yet, anyway. ;-)



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