Thursday, July 22, 2010

::play dough sucker cookies::

This is a project that I am trying to decide if we are going to make for Lily's birthday party.  I was excited because we got to use our first farm fresh egg to make the recipe.  It was still warm out of the nest.  

The recipe originally comes from allrecipes but there is also a tutorial to how to make them on theidearoom.  I just loved all the bright colors.  

The dough really does look like play dough, but taste wonderful.  

I had two little helpers, but this one was being photogenic.  This one also ate his fair share of raw dough.   

I liked how they turned out but they are way to labor intensive for the big birthday party.  Plus if you walk around with them they are soft enough to fall right off the stick.  I think this would be perfect for a sleep over, but too much for the amount of them I will need for the party.  They did taste amazing.  Who would have thought that cream cheese would make a cookie taste awesome.  



  1. what have you ever eaten with sugar and cream cheese that didn't taste amazing?! these are beautiful. more party plans please!

  2. These do look good, but I feel the same way about Christmas pinwheel cookies. Love them but just not worth the work. I can't beleieve you did a school post in July! Tsk Tsk, it made me feel a little anxious. Good luck on the school clothes budget. We've started doing Value Village runs for jeans. We often find Guess brand. Amazing!



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