Tuesday, July 20, 2010

::back to school::

first day of school, waiting for the bus

I have been getting progressively cheaper over the past few years.  (Something that I actively wanted to encourage in myself.)  I was always fairly cheap about kids clothes, buying mostly on ebay, but I have kicked that up to new heights in the past few years.  I was making some of my ritual lists last week and worrying about paying the $200+ that we need to pay the PUBLIC school to register the girls - when I realized that I better start budgeting for back to school clothes.  Josh's ex-wife usually pays for most of Emma's clothes.  Which is one less worry on my brain, but what about the little Princess?  She only wears dresses, and I am still vain enough that I want her to look good.  I can't bring myself to dress her in crap.  I know - some of the snobbiness that I grew up with is still part of me.  I am a work in progress, maybe by the fifth kid I will not care at all, but right now I do care.  

So - here is the list of clothes that Lily needs for school, the estimated cost, and the plan to make them cheap.
Back packI really want to get her a Pottery Barn one that has her name on it.  She will use it all year and then it will be just about   trashed.  I may have to go to the source on this one.  Estimated cost - $50  (that makes me want to throw up)  Maybe ebay can help me out.

10 pairs of leggins - that will get us through the whole year, and I don't mind buying them at walmart.  Estimate $3-5 each pair.

10 new pairs of socks - she HATES socks, but tough.  Maybe I will let her pick them this year.  Also a walmart buy.  Estimate $18.

10 new pairs of undies - I love to buy these at Justice.  They are so cute and colorful, but really who cares?  Maybe I will buy half at justice and half at walmart.  Estimate - $15-25

One pair of daily shoes - they have to be some kind of higher sided Mary Janes.  I am think ebay for Stride Rite.  Estimate: $20

One pair of winter Ugg type boots - I can steal these off ebay.  Maybe $10-15

One pair of gym tennis shoes - EBAY for sure $15

10 dresses - I think I will buy five now and five in late fall.  Ebay and used clothing stores.  I am giving myself a budget of $100 total to get this done.  

With this all in mind I made it over to a local used clothing store.  I spent $36, and bought three dresses for Lily, two pairs of shorts for Maxo, and one pair on jammies for the Max.  Plus got a 10% off coupon to use in August.  I think I really can do this and stay on budget.  Right after school starts I will post a follow-up to make myself remain accountable to this original budget.    


  1. look at you-you are a savin crazy woman!

  2. You should look at Jansport backpacks. They are less expensive and they hold up very well. My DD got one last year when she started Kindergarten, and it's in perfect shape to be used this year. When my son was in K, he went through 3 of the cheapy backbacks. I still have my Jansport backpack I got in 9th grade, 13 or so years ago.

  3. I definitely would go with a Jansport. I bought my little girl a PB backpack with her initials on it, and she only had it a year before the strap ripped off. Keep in mind she was in PRESCHOOL and only used it TWO DAYS A WEEK!!! I will never cough up that kind of money for a PB backpack again, regardless of how cute it is! Just a little tip!

  4. Wow! Great deal on the dresses at the used clothing store! I need to get some for Emily too. She's out-grown almost all of her pretty dresses, but they get passed down to Clara so they still have some life in them yet.



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