Sunday, July 4, 2010

::poor lizzie::

The other day Max was taking a nap.  Emma and Lily were home.  I was SO tired and I told the girls to be good while I took a little rest.  Good parenting?  I am not sure, but I have done it before.  Emma is 12.  An hour of alone time, with me in the house seems reasonable to me.  They turned off the TV and decided to play instead.  Which I think is wonderful!  They got out their little hair painting kit for kids and decided to decorate Lizzie for July 4th.  They gave her a "reddish" pink mohawk and a blue tipped tail.  I laughed so hard I could hardly stand.  

I love so many parts of them doing this I can hardly figure them all out -

They gave the dog a mohawk - punk rock cuteness

They painted the dogs hair - creative self expression

They knew that they have the kind of mom that would think this was cool and not punishable

The dog allowed it - she is the kindest small breed dog I have ever met

Let me tell you that this paint comes right out of the human hair it was designed for, but white dog hair?  Not so much.  But I really still think it is funny.  The dog doesn't care.

Nor does she care when Max decided that "Sissy need shoes.  Go bye bye."

What little dog would take this crap?  I just love that dog.  


  1. So cute! My puppy has nail polish all over his belly because my 10 yr. old was painting her nails and decided to hold him too! lol...

  2. Adorable!! Your dog is ROCKIN' that pink mohawk look!!! Happy 4th of July! :-)

  3. love it! our kids keep us entertained don't they?!



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