Tuesday, July 27, 2010

::Gabe 9 months::

This is sweet little miracle Gabe.  It has been an especially emotionally intense week.  If you had read before you know I take therapeutic value is just blogging it all out.  But this is work related, therefore privacy laws saw I can't talk about it.  Don't worry - it was a really heart breaking situation that ended up with a very possible happily ever after.  Again - its not like me to be cryptic but those privacy laws...  So, I was VERY much looking forward to doing my little lovies 9 month photo shoot.  I was honored to do his six month shoot, and they are my first clients to come back for more.  (Calling Emily a client is a bit of a joke since she is one of my bestest friends.)   

I have to say that Emily and Gabe make it easy to take their pictures.  Emily is SO pretty and Gabers is extra delish.  Link here for Em's blog.    

Notice that she always wears this great necklace that says "Gabriel" on it?

I get extra nervous to shoot Gabes pictures.  Emily has a TON of talent as a photographer .  The only thing that I can bring to the table that she can't do herself is that I can get pictures of them together.  Which I LOVE - to see them together is inspiring.  She is just so flipping in love with this kid.  (Me too)

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