Friday, July 9, 2010


I am really happy right now and here are a few reasons why...

I have a bruise on my arm that looks like a smurf bite.  I told Lily that and she asked me "What is a smurf?"  We had to spend some serious time learning about that major life issue.

Josh does this thing were he pretends that he can't hear you.  He is so believable.  Then you get closer and he grabs you and makes you snuggle him.  He does it to the kids and I.  I haven't fallen for it for real in awhile.  

I love summer vacation.  I wish it could go on forever.  I love having the kids home and all of us being on the same schedule.  I love not being sad about having to work every third weekend.

We have gotten so much done on the house this year.  But I have decided that it is time to just finish polishing up what we have already done.  It does bug me, but I am glad that I decided to give up on the back garden this year.  If we get corn - great.  But I am not weeding the big back garden and I am skipping the pumpkin patch of my dreams this year.  I have to have something new to do next year, and we are starting the fruit orchard this fall.  It makes me want to purrrrrr just thinking about it.

I have fallen in love with my little garden and I am excited about doing it even better next year.  I am going to get better at staggering crops and planting things in different places.

Every morning when I wake up (non-work day) I walk outside for a few minutes and just check in on my ladies (chickens), other animals (I don't pet the cow, you can't prove it), and say good morning to my garden.  It has been so extra amazingly stunningly beautiful around here.  I am so thankful to live in such a place.  The air smells good here.

The kids are obsessed with eating carrots fresh from the garden.  They eat about 10 each a day.  Are they going to turn orange?  But really - how cute is a little farm kid walking around with a carrot with the top still attached?  

Work is SO super good right now.  I can't say too much - privacy laws.  But I am in love with my new primary family.  They are just the easy button break that I needed.  LOVE THEM!  And they brought us cookies.  Fun!  And I am precepting a new girl that I am very excited about.  She is VERY bright and talented.  A big chunk of being a nurse is learning how to think critically - and this kid just has that natural instinct. 



  1. Love the strawberries. My youngest's eyes just about popped out of her head when we came to that picture. And I am swooning over your chair. It turned out amazing. The Hawaiian dress is also to die for. I've always beleived us north americans do not embrace colour enough. And I'm more guilty than most! Great Happy Friday!
    Have a fun weekend,

  2. I just love reading your blog. So many more things make sense from today...i noticed the chair and now I know the story behind it and the hawaiian dress. I love all the hard work you put in to your house, projects and family! Keep up the good work!



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