Thursday, July 8, 2010

::parent house cleaning::

When I was in fourth grade we moved from a neighborhood out to a country neighborhood.  It was a private road with 5-10 acre lots and about 12 different houses.  My parents built this humungous house and we moved in.  One thing my Mom really wanted in this house was lots of storage.  Well, she got it and she filled it and then some.  Now it is time for them to get out of a 7,000 sq foot house and down size to a smaller house.  They want to build a super efficient green house.  I am excited to see what they come up with.  Plus they want to move near me, which I cant wait for.  I have been going down once a week to help my Mom sort thru all her stuff.  

My parents used to go to Hawaii every year for about 20 years straight.  Every time they went they got a new hawaiian shirt and dress.  I LOVE THEM!  When we got to them I was so excited to play dress up with them.  (Yes - I am 32 but I still play dress up.)  I ended up keeping about 4 of her dresses, but this one was my favorite.  Were else can you find bright orange and pink together?  But I want to actually wear it.  It is SO comfy and crazy.  Would you openly laugh if you saw someone walking around in this dress?  And when I am pregnant (PLEASE PLESE PLEASE in the next few months) all I am wearing are these dresses. 

Josh kept several of the old vintage shirts.  He sports them well.  Of course. 


  1. That dress is even more fabulous with your smile above it!!!

  2. That is a totally awesome dress.
    I helped my mom downsize a couple of years ago and I found some clothes that she used to wear when she was young. They were so cool looking, but way to small for me. My parents are still working on downsizing. Not because they are moving, but so they don't leave me with too much when they pass. It is nice that you can help your mom with this. Visiting from A-P Tuesday.

  3. you rock that dress!:) so fun and bright. thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!"

  4. Aloha! I live in Hawaii, and I think you look fabulous :-) It sounds funny, or like a cliche, but people actually wear stuff like that here every day. And even if it's not flowers or tropical themed, it's bright, colorful, and fun! I think it has a great effect on your mood and spirit, and if I ever move back to the mainland (I am from Texas, but we've been here 5 years and plan to stay a while!) I have promised myself to keep up the color-wear! It's just so uplifting! BTW, here we call it "Aloha Wear" rather than a "Hawaiian shirt" so if you ever make it out here yourself, call it aloha wear and look like a local ;-)
    ~ Laura



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