Sunday, July 18, 2010

::my first etsy sale::

I have mentioned several times that I am helping my mother downsize.  One of the things I am helping her sell is her vintage purses, mostly all coach bags.  Several were too far gone to sell, but I listed a nice little hand full.  I have ebayed for years, but this was my first time to sell something on etsy.  It's fun to learn new things.  But listing these bags was like walking down memory lane.  I remember these bags as they related to being carried by a person whose very smell was soothing/calming to me as a child.  What an amazing woman my mother is.  

She never fails to surprise me.  Her closets are stuffed to the gills, and I was channeling the therapists on the show Hoarders the first time I went there.  I thought I was going to have to talk her out of every piece of trash.  But it hasn't been like that at all.  She has been very aggressive about what she has gotten rid of.  If she is even on the fence about something, she puts it in the donate pile.  I am really proud of her.  It can't be emotionally easy to take apart 40 years of your life.    

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  1. What's your name as a seller? I was looking for these on etsy.



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