Friday, July 23, 2010

::cake decorating::

Here is the master cake decorator at work.  This is Shealynn, a family friend, that I helped do cake decorating.  You ice a piece of styrofoam that you cover is the horrible icing (it is not edible) that dries to be rock hard.  After we put the first two coats on the base we took it to my Dad's wood working shop for him to sand it down flat.  Shea came up with her own design and we used YouTube to learn about how to use the tips to make the correct decorations.  We had to do certain techniques, such as writing and a shell border.  

Can you believe how amazing she did one this?  What a smart kid.  This is her first time to do this project.  

AND SHE WON GRAND CHAMPION AND HONOR GROUP AND FIRST PLACE AND SHE GOT PICKED FOR STATE FAIR!!!!  This is our biggest win in a project at fair ever.  I am so impressed with her.

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