Wednesday, July 28, 2010

::rooster in the pot::

Warning - four roosters were killed in the making of this blog.  

Roosters on their way to the block.  Josh's friend Larry came out to help us deal with our rooster issues.  
ps- the saying about "running around like a chicken with your head cut off" is very true. 
pss- the roosters are still living in the picture.  Who knew that if you catch a chicken and hold it upside down by the legs it just lays there?   

Feathers.  You would be stunned at how big the roosters looked with feathers and how small with out.  

Meat could not get any fresher.   

Things I learned:
I can't stand loosing my peace of mind on this farm.  Four constantly screaming and fighting roosters was not going to work.   Plus the white one tried attack me the other day and that was not ok.  Lily says it went after her too.
Growing animals for meat is not that terrible.  I like knowing that they were raised and slaughtered humanly.  
And - I still don't want to talk about my cow and his future.  

Look how happy my hens are now.  They were under a constant state of sexual harassment and they were constantly getting beat up by those mean old roosters.  


  1. That cow is far too cute to be killed!

  2. My grandparents had chickens, and my mother said that my grandmother would go out and grab a chicken by the head and spin it to break the neck, and later it would be supper. Tough chick (my Gma, I mean).

  3. Great post! I tell The Farmer (a softie about "killing our pets") that either we should become vegetarians or eat our own cherished n healthy meat animals who have died swiftly and without fear. The idea of eating a factory farmed animal that didn't live a happy life, was fed animal by products n antibiotics and had a traumatic death makes me much much MUCH more sad. I will never understand people who say they'd just "rather not know." Will wait for updates on the pretty cow! ;-P



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