Thursday, July 15, 2010

::garden so far::

a few day ago

I am still in love with gardening.  Weeding a bed is so very calming.  Eating food I grew is so rewarding.  And being able to give fresh produce to my friends is so fun.  
april 9th

I have learned so much so far.  I am only about half way through the season, but I have a list of things that I want to do differently next year.

-Stagger the planting of the lettuce so that it is not all ready at the same time.  A little lettuce goes a long way and you can't freeze it.

-Make more garden stake markers.  They were so fun and easy.  

-Let each kid have their own little section of the garden were they grow whatever they want.  

-Plant more flowers.  I love breaking up veggie beds with flowers.

-Plant zinnia's with bigger heads for more pop.  

-Line and mulch the paths in the garden (I hope to do this ASAP).

-Plant way more cilantro and parsley.

-Stagger the cilantro in two week increments.  Mine is bolting and I want more.

-Do a better job staking the tomato's as they grow.  They are out of control.  
-Plant two cucumber plants and that is ALL!  I don't even like them.

-Plant more green beans.  LOTS more.


  1. I'll take a cucumber off your hands! And what is bolting?

  2. mmm...but coriander is soooo good! I'm very jealous of your garden and hope to have something even remotely close someday! Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. We planted a ton of green beans plants this year, and I don't regret it at all! However, I would love to have cucumbers like yours!! The beetles keep eating ours. :-(

    Your garden looks amazingly lovely!!!

  4. I HATE weeding! Course, we have a huge pumpkin field, a small gourd/pumpkin area and our garden. We are trying a winter garden this year. We planted a ton of green beans, I canned 50 pints!



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