Saturday, July 3, 2010


No joke.

Josh is one fine hunk of man.  

view out to the hay field

He got called off work the other day and stayed home with the shorties while I went in to work.  It just so happens that was the day the the hay was baled.  One of our farmer neighbors bales our hay, they take half and we get half.  But when it is all ready they bring us the hay wagon and drop it off in the yard.  Then we get the joy of unloading it.  All of it.  

Josh stacked up every little piece of it.  In my head I visualized it as him with a bandana on, jeans, no shirt, tattoo gleaming - I will not creep you out with the details.  (Too late)  But you get the image.  

It is so green!

Even when I got home and he was actually wearing a long sleeve shirt (throwing hay rips up your lower arms) and a dust mask - I stuck with my work daydream.  Plus let us not forget the merit of someone doing that much physical work for someone else.

Good thing we put up that new hay because this is all we had left from last year. I don't even want to finish it off.  It looks so washed out and brown compared to the new stuff.  

The barn smells amazing.  Nothing smells so appealing as a barn full of fresh hay (except a new baby that is yours).  


  1. Wow! That is a LOT of work! Way to go, Josh!!!

  2. Except a new baby...that is yours!!! I love it.



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