Sunday, July 11, 2010

::over scheduler::

So maybe I am a slightly reformed over scheduler.  Just maybe.  Ok - maybe a lot.  But I did mention that I am slightly reformed.  I can't cut it out all together, but I can keep it under control.  One more reason that Josh is the perfect man for me - he can not stand seeing me or the children spread too thin and he is one of the only people that can tell me to rein it all back in with out me telling him exactly what I think about his unasked for opinion.  But I am always torn - I want the kids to grow and experience new things and have the best teachers/trainers and find all those little things that become interests into adulthood (or that they become protegees at so they can support me in my old age).  But sometimes my push to help them find new things leads to Lily throwing her metal water bottle at the other campers (true story).  So were is the line?
Lily on her way to soccer.  Maybe I should have seen the throwing incident coming?

Answer is - I have no idea.  But I am trying to find it.  

This summer I set up with Lily's former kindergarten teacher to do a weekly learning session with her.  They spend 45 minutes working on different tasks and then the teacher sends notes home to tell me what Lily and I need to work on at home that week.  I am loving this!  It helps me know what I should be doing to make sure Lily doesn't forget everything she learned last year.

Lily has also been doing a weekly voice lesson.  It was a piano/voice lesson, but after Lily informed me 2 million times that she could not stand piano I let her quit.  I wanted to make her play.  I think she would like it once she got the hang of it, but she just despised it.  Some times you have to pick your battles right?  So it became a voice only lesson.  Which she adores.  She is begging me to let her take violin, but I am not too sure about that.  If piano was too frustrating than wont violin be more of the same.   

Lastly, we are adding a weekly horse back riding lesson.  She says she wants to ride.  As a former horse-crazy girl I try hard not to push this.  Just because I lived and breathed it doesn't mean that she has to.  But I just wish she loved to ride, because I miss it and I would love to be around it.  But I HONESTLY know that we will find other things to bond over if it isn't horses.  (Maybe Max or baby 3.5 will have horse fever.)

When school starts the learning sessions will stop and I want to get her back into some kind of drama class.  We did a class through
YAT that was really wonderful so I think we will sign up for them again.  Plus what ever little activities she wants to do at school.  Too much?    



  1. My daughter asked me yesterday if she could take horseback riding lessons. I need to figure out where.

  2. Brooke, you are the BEST mom EVER! I aspire to be a mom just like you! I love all the things that you do with your kiddos. I am always trying to introduce the kids to new things. I do not want the fact that there are 4 hold me back. I have taken many of your craft ideas. Heeheehee and the rainbow cake! LOVE IT! You are AWSOME and I LOVE YOU!

  3. I don't know what is too much and what is too little activities for kids. My oldest is the same age as your daughter and so far this summer she has not been enrolled in any activites. She has a goal of reading 20 books and so far she is doing good there, reading in bed by herself every night. I hope to get her into swimming, but horseback riding is up there too. Maybe ballett, but only one or two things at the time. For her it seems to be enough and she is happy. Being a teacher I know the knowledge she learned last year is there and will be there when school starts up again, but I see her learning new things every day building more skills on top of old ones.
    I hope you and your family still enjoy your summer and find time for the small fun things in life.

  4. A post near n dear to my brain these days! My daughter (6 yo) did gymnastics and Chinese class during the school year, and has attended one camp session... I keep wondering if I should start piano or send her to another week of camp. For now we're just hanging out and runnin wild on our farm. She's growing up so fast that even tho I go a bit crazy w/her here all day, I don't want to share/lose these times before she wants to go off on her own more. We have a small pool and ponies, but because I'm a riding instructor, I never want to push her to ride! ;-0
    Nice meeting you - I'll be back!



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