Saturday, July 17, 2010

::traveling pony::

I took our pony Shooter to the trainer a few days ago.  I love driving the horse trailer.  It reminds me of being a teenager and going off to horse shows.  But I really like the view in the rear view mirror better now.  

This pony is my buddy.  He is a short little cutie head.  He has a great temperament and I love looking at him.  He's so pretty.  But he is only 8 years old and he needs to be ridden and worked with.  My kids are way too novice as riders to train him up, and I am way too big to ride him every day.  So I called the wonderful lady that I bought him from and took him back to her barn for a few months.  She charges me $50 a month to keep him, which beats the hell out of the $1,500 plus a month that I was used to seeing in the hunter/jumper world.  She is a professional trainer and she has many students that want to ride him.  So he will spend the summer with kids hanging all over him and loving him.  

shoots getting snacks

Max saying "wrunnnn soooter wrunnn".  Please note that Shooter is not listening.  Good pony.  

I am going to miss his cute little face.  

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  1. I love reading your blog. You are such a neat person Brooke.



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