Saturday, April 24, 2010


 I am so blessed to have some of the most amazing friends.  Not only do I love these people but I LOVE their children.  My dear friend Emily has the most perfect little miracle baby.  I loved him when I was still patting him in the belly.  (Plus isn't Emily so pretty!)

Not that I ever doubted it but Emily is the most naturally talented mother I have ever seen.  She worships this baby and it is obvious when ever you are around them.  The weather today was terrible but we did get a short break to shoot a little bit outside.  The bad weather was a challenge I haven't taken on before and I feel like it worked out well.  I set out some hay bales at the end of the barn and I think we got some good pics.  Still room to improve.  

I am so mad that I cut out his feet!  Next time!

So this picture was just an auto play picture.  But isn't it funny that the pattern on the carpet makes it look like he has a mohawk?  I kissed him like 40 times during this shoot.  

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