Saturday, April 10, 2010

::garden beds set::

The beds are set and ready for plants.  I sprayed the pathways with weed killer today and plan to mulch them soon.  The bad news is I have decided to give up on square foot gardening.  I used it last year and I think it is a great idea for people who need to save space, but space is not the issue.  Now I just have to re-plan my bed plants.  FUN!  I love a good list that requires multiple books for reference.  Why is a good list so calming?  

By the way, this is my first all manual picture since college.  The kids were at their grandma's and I spent a few good hours (after I woke up at 9am!!!!!!!!) refreshing my brain to the concept of ISO, F-stops, and shutter speeds.  It came back pretty quick but I still have TONS to learn.

::schaefer doings::
Josh - Poor Joshy his "honey-do" list is very long.  He had been a really good sport about building all my projects (still want that outdoor chicken run) but I promised to repay him by helping organize his  barn.

Brooke - thinking of really cool spots (and some uncool ones) for two little 6 month old friends that are coming over this month for photo shoots.  EXCITED!  and scared

Emma - has her first tennis game next week.  How stinking cute!

Lily - she and Emma had a little sleepover on the couches the other day and when I came to tuck them in she said, "We can only wake you up if we have a heart attack, a ski-zure, or a broken leg."  I have no idea were that came from.    
Max - his verbal skills are taking off and starting to catch up.  If he wants a drink he says, "Apple juice!" It doesn't have to actually be apple juice, any drink will do but he at least gets the idea that words mean something.  Can't always figure out what he means by some of them but it is a work in progress.  

LAST - Lily and I are making a totem pole out of tin cans.  Does anyone use those really big ones, or kind of big ones?

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