Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::kids art supplies::

I love the look of kid art supplies.  All those glorious colors all together and looking so stimulating.  They are art themselves.  But if you want a perfectly organized cabinet than you are in the wrong place.  The point of this shelf is to let the kids use it freely, not to have them scared of getting in trouble for not keeping it perfectly organized.  Ideally it would be in a cabinet with doors, but ideally I would have a walk in closet too.  
When Lily was a toddler I started gathering this stuff and I never had to lock it up.  She always understood that markers were for art not for walls.  But due to Max’s appearance on the scene, paints had to have restrictions put on them and must be put out of reach and sometimes sight.  Also markers and crayons have been moved to the top shelf.  

Here is a look at the constantly changing and evolving list of things I keep on hand for them.  All must be washable except crayons – bless the magic eraser.

List of must haves
White paper
Construction paper
Kid scissors
Glue sticks
Brown paper lunch bags
Coloring books
Empty notebooks
Idea books
Colored masking tape
Pencils and sharpener
Watercolor paint
Finger paint
Stamp paint
List of bonus items
Old pictures for them to cut up
Pot holder weaver
Glitter glue
Popsicle sticks
Cotton balls
Coffee filters
Ink pads and stamps
Pipe cleaners
Wax paper
Tissue paper
Puffy stickers
Card stock
Finger ink pads
Tracer light
Hot glue gun (with adult help)

Since many of these things are not very expensive I tell Santa and his cohorts that they make great smaller gifts and stocking stuffers
I store it all in a book case I had in college and about three times a year I go through and throw away the broken stuff. 
I thrive on the art that they bring me.  Sometimes we have a set craft we work on together but usually they just go in and start creating.    

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