Sunday, April 18, 2010

::disney tips ~ Epcot top attractions::

Soarin - this is my number one pick.  To say that it is a mock hang gliding ride doesn't even begin to do it justice.

Lily is the biggest ride chicken ever and when she rode this one the first time she was terrified by the initial take off when you get lifted into place but once you take the smooth ride up you only feel like you are moving as they blow wind and smells at you.

Test Track - You need to ride this at least once, but I don't kill myself to get on it every year.  The premise is that you are helping GM test out new car technology.  Your car drives through various tests that can be somewhat jerky but overall good fun.

Nemo - I have been pleasantly surprised by this ride.  It doesn't usually have long wait times and the kids love it.  Just a nice quick little peaceful ride that isn't too painful for the big kids.  You ride around in a giant shell and try to find Nemo.  At some points in the ride you are facing some big aquarium windows but it makes it look like cartoon Nemo is swimming with the real sea life.

Turtle Talk with Crush - Josh's favorite attraction in the whole park.  That Crush is just SOO funny.  It is an interactive show with the sea turtle Crush from Nemo.  He swims up to the "human tank" that the audience is sitting in and talks to the audience.  There is even a question/answer session with all the little kids.  I love asking my kids what their question was going to be if they got called on.  Lily can really think up some whoppers.  This little show is really just you sitting in a small movie theater but through some technology I don't understand the turtle on the scream answers all the questions and moves his mouth with those answers.

Imagination - no wait and very peaceful.  It is very little kid friendly, and the only ride that has my old friend Figment.  I mostly love this because it is part of my heritage, not because it is an amazing sensory adventure.  

Space Ship Earth - this went through a recent update and I am loving what they did with it.  This ride is slow and peaceful and just an iconic Disney ride.  Totally kid friendly.

Energy - they added Ellen to this rides story line and she makes the whole thing so much more interesting.  It takes a long time from start to finish but it is great for seniors that need to get out of the sun and for little kids that need some rest.  The ride itself is interesting and educational but I think it would bore teenagers to tears.

Thanks to my friend Blythe for giving me her well informed and much encouraged input 

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  1. i wonder if tokyo disney has similar stuff? they DO have disney sea, an entity only found in japan. so if you REALLY want to be taken seriously for your disney critiques, you should probably get over here and check it out with me. ps. figment is the coolest ever. loved that from age 9.



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