Saturday, April 3, 2010

::purse cake::

We are going today to my inlaws to celebrate Emma's birthday with Josh's family.  I decided to make her a purse cake.  I got the idea from

the idea

Take two nine inch cake rounds and cut the top and bottom inch off of each.  

I wrapped a piece of cardboard in foil and poked toothpicks through the bottom.  I held one round in my hand while I iced one side and then added the second side.  Them I set both of them on top of the tooth picks.  I worked paper towel under it so that if I got messy with the icing I could just pull the paper towel out and it would take the mess with it.

I iced it orange and them used twizlers to make the E and the handle.  The handle kept falling over so I put toothpicks in the ends and that held it up.  I also cut come purple twizlers to add to the sides.

Then Lily got the job of placing the flowers around the upper border.  

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  1. I am addicted to your blog:) I love your creativity... what a gift!!!!!



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