Monday, April 26, 2010


Has anyone noticed that Max isn't a baby anymore?  

He actually has a neck in pictures.  

He teases us all the time by calling us the wrong name, so we will chase him. 

He put several odd items in the fish tank.  

He still has the greatest hair I have ever seen in my life.  

His eyes are still blue, nothing like his parents.  I keep waiting for his real mom and dad to come and claim him.  I will fight them for him.  That little fro head is MINE!  

He crosses his arm in all parking lots so I can't hold his hand, which I force him to do anyway.  

He tortures and loves my little dog.  Which she takes over and over.  

He took all my row markers out of my garden.  (They were pencils, and really, aren't row markers in a cottage garden cheating?) 

He spray's himself in the face with the hose.  

He climbs on top of Josh's little pet car and laughs "look at me!".  

He is no longer mute but still only partially understandable.  He says "ack-a-doodle" which mean alligator.  How I figured that one out was a long process.  

He always wants "andy" which is candy.  

He smells so good all the time.  (I know he'll out grow that one.)  

He always wants to take a "naked shower", as opposed to a dressed shower?  

If he hears the mower or tractor start he RUNS to them and demands Josh pick him up.  Then he will sit up there with Josh for hours.  

He grabs your hand and says "come on Mommy".  Then he leads you off on an adventure.  

Every night when I tuck him in he wants "one mo iss".  One more kiss.  Last night he got about 15.

I am so in love with that kid.  

He lived when others did not.  Don't think I don't know that.  I see his sick pictures and my heart feels such fear.  I never let myself really except how sick he was, and I am glad I didn't have to.  Thanks for letting me keep my Max.  





  1. brookie i still love your little bean. i can't believe how cute and handsome he is at the same time. stop reading the sad lady's blog if you have to; you're already a grateful mother. give macko a kiss from me, that way he can't tell me "ba-bye!"

  2. There is no way to look at his smile and not smile back! He is awesome!

  3. I have tears in my eyes. I love your kids soooo much. You are the best mom and I look up to you.

  4. Wow, my first visit and I am sold. I am so glad you got to keep Max too! He is beautiful! And I found you on Shutter Love Tuesday and was inspired by your photo!

  5. You made Top 10 at Shutter Love Tuesdays! Congratulations. Come grab your prize button!



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