Thursday, April 8, 2010

::layton shoot::

The other day I got the chance to live a little dream of mine.  I am sort of embarrassed about it, because it is really making art and putting it out there to be judged.  But I secretly want to be a photographer.  My dearest love Megan started a little side business in our nursing unit as the units family photographer.  She is so amazingly talented and I lived vicariously through her.  Her images are stunning.  Check them out.  When she moved away recently (tear) I missed not only her but her art.  She had done all of our mutual friend Shelly’s pictures for her.  Shelly’s son Layton was turning one and she was out a photographer.  I asked her if I could try it.  Here is the result.  

I’m not sure how I feel about how it turned out.  I think that some of them have potential.  None of them are heart stopping like I really wanted, but I did learn a great deal in this shoot.  I got to go through them with my Dad who is a hobby photographer and got some good tips.  I learned about using my flash even in the sun so that I get less face shadows.  But I want to learn more.  I need honest advice and insight so I can improve.  Throw it out.  Be straight.  
And Shells - thanks for letting me start somewhere


  1. I think they look really good, but it easy with a cute kid Layton! haha! JK! Great job!

  2. So good!! Can you do some of Jack? I'm totally serious - he'll be 6 months soon!!

  3. Brooke. amazing. you will always be too self conscious to realize that they are, in fact, heart stopping. i have a feeling the one of shel's curls blowing across layton's face as she kisses him will always be one of her favorites and one day his too. these pictures are instantly nostalgic and timeless, but still whimsy and full of life. "emotional response"...if i can steal your words. love the pictures, love you more.

  4. They are wonderful! You are too modest! Maybe you could shoot some pics of Alyssa for me. Her school pics never capture her the way I know her, and I think you would give me some great shots. What are your prices?

    Hey, I found on the blog "The Idea Room" there an informative entry by photographer Karen Duke about "Knowing your camera". You probably know all that information but it was helpful to a rookie like me. I'm taking notes from her tutorials.

  5. Brooke, I love all the pictures. I know all of you think I just tell you what you want to hear and I would always agree or disagree whatever way you were drawn too BUT...seriously these pictures mean the world to me. The one of me kissing Layton is perfect. The way my hair is blowing on his face makes me look like a well put-together mom who very much loves her son and would do anything for him. Which I love that idea of myself. I don't know if the (Well put-together part) is all that true but it's nice to think! The best part is his face. Isn't that the face of every boy who's momma is giving him a kiss. "Come on mom, really?" BUT deep down they couldn't and wouldn't want to live with out their momma. Boys are a full disguise, they keep that serious face for outside viewers but inside their hearts are melting with joy when they are getting kisses from their mommy's.

    Is this to deep? That is exactly what that picture brings to me. And you thought none of them were "Heart-stopping" Think again.

    OH and I don't like the way you refer to me as a mutual friend between you and megs...I'm both of your BEST friends thank you very much!

    Love you and thank you again for these "potential & Heart-stopping" pictures you took of Layton, JJ, and I

  6. haha shelly you are everyone's best friend just the way you like it. :)



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