Thursday, April 15, 2010

::ladybugs rock::

I love craft's with rocks.  They are cheap and I got plenty of them.  Lily and I picked out several rocks and spray painted them red.  It did take two or three coats to get a nice bright red.  We did not bother to clean them first, since they were only dirty on the bottom.  I bet you can tell which one was Max's rock.  The girls wanted to "fix it" because it was the "perfect" shaped rock.  I wouldn't let them near it.  I love it.  He even colored the bottom of it.

After they were dry we used a sharpie to draw a think line on the short side of the rock about 2/3rds of the way up.  Then another thick line from the center of that line back over the body.  Draw in the polka dots around the body.

We used a silver marker to draw the eyes and a Sharpie to draw the pupil.  I sprayed clear coat over one of them but it made the eyelashes I had drawn on run, so we scratched that idea.  The rocks may fade with time but that will just add interest to them.

Cost - 100% free
Everything we used to make these we already had 

Does this count as upcycling?  And did I even spell that right?



  1. Such a cute idea!! They will look great in your garden :)

  2. I like the way your displayed them so artfully on a skateboard. sara hanlon

  3. Cool! Cute for the garden!


  4. Those were stinkin' precious and you had me laughing when you said you had a lot of them! Don't we all! I swear I've got rocks even in my head sometimes.

  5. Super cute! My little guy would love to paint some bugs! Love this idea!

    Thanks for joining the Sunday Showcase! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  6. I would love to get your blog updates through e-mail. NOT a reader. Something like Feedburner ( not sure how it works but I know it's free) I am terrible at checking all the blogs I follow so this would be great!



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