Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Lily is home today for a sick day.  Poor kid.  But she is willing to help me out with our monthly book review.

If you haven't red these as a kid you are really missing out.  I loved them and I am glad to read the series to Lily.  The basic story line of all the books in that Amelia does the literal translation of what ever she is told to do.  Her boss tells her to draw the drapes and she draws a picture of the drapes.   They tell her to dust the furniture and she puts face powder all over the furniture.  Just as they are going to fire her she pulls out a lemon pie from the oven and it is so good that they keep her.  

"I love Amelia it is the funniest book in world.  I think.  Amelia does all the wrong things cause that is what the notes says and the people are all fancy and so they use different words then she thinks they actually are."

We LOVE this book.  Poppy is the little girl and she and her dog are pretending to be other animals.  I made motions to go along with it.  Let me tell you that the "waddles like a penguin" page is too cute to see a little kid do.  

"They pretend to be all different kids of animals and it is so fun.  I like when they stand on one leg like a flamingo."

We used to sing this song and YMCA camp on the bus ride to and from camp.  I love to read any book that rhymes and this one is just great fun.  At camp Catalina always came to a bad end, but in the book she lives happily ever after.  

"She is so hilarious.  I like that she has two hairs - one was black and the other one red."  She sang the last part. 

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