Friday, April 30, 2010

::chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes::

Even the title is long!  Josh loves anything with cookie dough in it so when I saw these on The Idea Room I knew that they would be perfect for his birthday.  They are chocolate chip cupcakes with a hole cut out of the top and egg free cookie dough filling.  Then the icing is a brown sugar piece of heaven.  I got to be straight, these little buggers were not for beginners.  And when it comes to baking I am barely above beginner.  All the cakes I make are from a box.  I am just above intermediate when it comes to decorating cakes.  These took all I got.  But they actually turned out really good.  They took me forever to make.  But the directions were perfect and I followed them to the letter.  (which is fairly unusual for me)  Even my chronic icing hater, Emma, thought that they were amazing.

For the recipe link here.  

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