Thursday, April 22, 2010

::science fair::

LILY WON HER GRADE AT THE SCIENCE FAIR!  She, Josh, and I worked on a project that compared how high six different kinds of balls bounced.  She had to roll them off the top of a door frame and then I took pictures of them at the peak of their bounce.  The night before the science fair we had a mock science fair at our house were Emma, Josh, and I pretended that we were judges and we asked Lily questions about her project.  She had the most intelligent answers, but of course I would think that.  I felt better when Josh told me, "If she pulls out some of that cuteness tomorrow she is going to blow them away."  

This morning I took her in early to school and carried in all her balls, poster, and a less than helpful toddler.  I got her set and then I had to leave.  They don't let parents stay for judging.  I came back at 2:15 for the awards, that were announced in front of the school.  Of course I had to sit on the bleachers fighting back tears.  She looked so cute and smart and little and precious and proud and happy and... tear.  Love that face. 

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