Monday, April 5, 2010

::dump truck invites::

These were Max’s one year old birthday invites and I just loved them.
I downloaded a free clip art image I liked of a dump truck.  I blew it up on a copier to a size that felt nice for an invitation.   I made several copies of this size so I would make sure not to loose it.  Then I visualized it in layers and cut out those layers from the photo copies.  (The body/base, the dump bed, the wheels,etc.)  Once I had those forms I traced them onto an old ugly piece of card stock and cut those out to be my templates.  

I then traced each template on to the correct color paper, cut it all out and put it together.  The wheels have rivets in the center of them.  When they were done I added the hand written little "lift" note so people would be able to tell how they worked.  

I hitch hiked the invite poem off an invite on etsy that I thought was cute.  I love a cheesy invite poem.  

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